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The following material is housed in the

International Piano Archives at Maryland (IPAM)
Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library
University of Maryland

2511 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

College Park, MD 20742


Mario Braggiotti Collection


I. Performance Files


Box 1


A. Concert programs, articles, reviews


Fray & Braggiotti


12/22/33        Steinway Hall, NYC (program, article)

01/10/37       WEAF, St. Louis, MO (article)

08/28/38       with Carl Hohengarten (Columbia Broadcasting System Orchestra): Grant Park,Chicago (program)             

01/10/40       Women’s Club, Louisville (reviews)

03/13/40       Liberty Hall, El Paso, TX (article)

07/16/40       Robin Hood Dell, Philadelphia, PA (review)

08/26/40       WDAE, Tampa FL (article)

08/30/40       Miramar, Newport, RI (program, reviews)

10/03/40      Manner Club, New Rochelle, NY (article)

10/07/40      Centennial HS, Ridgeway, PA (article, reviews)

10/14/40      Cochran Junior HS, Johnstown, PA (review)

10/15/40      YMCA, Tyrone, PA (review)

10/16/40      Municipal Auditorium, Charleston, WV (article, review)

10/17/40      Martinsburg HS (review)

10/18/40      High School Auditorium, Apollo, PA (review)

10/24/40      with Rafaello Cavallo (Pueblo Civic SO): City Auditorium, Pueblo, CO (review)

10/27/40      South HS, Salt Lake City, UT (review)

10/28/40      Provo, UT (review)

10/29/40      Town Hall, NYC (program)

11/01/40      High School, Boise, ID (review)

11/07/40      Butte, MT (review)

11/08/40      Temple Theater, Tacoma, WA (review)

11/19/40      College of the Pacific Conservatory, Stockton, CA (program, review)

11/26/40      Phoenix Union HS, Phoenix, AZ (reviews)

11/27/40      Flagstaff, AZ (review)

01/16/41      Philip Livingston HS, Albany, NY (review)

01/17/41      Wardman Park Theater, Washington DC (articles)

01/27/41      Maysville HS, KY (?) (review)

01/29/41      Paris, KY (reviews)

02/13/41      Holmberg Hall, Norman, OK (program, review)

02/16/41      Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (program, articles)

02/21/41      Louisiana Polytechnic Institute (program)

02/27/41      The Everglades Club (program)

03/21/41      Hollywood Beach Hotel, FL (program, article)

03/07/41      Ocala, FL (review)

04/16/41      Coliseum, Richmond, IN (review)

04/17/41      Lincoln HS, Manitowoc, WI (review)

07/01/41      with Jerzy Bojanowski (Wisconsin WPA Symphony Orchestra): Emil Blatz Temple of Music, Washington Park, WI (program)

07/30/41      Dinner in honor of Rachmaninoff, Hotel Plaza, NYC (program)

11/13/41      Everett HS,? (review)

??/??/41      YMCA, Tyrone, PA (review)

03/17/42      Kilbourn Hall, Rochester, NY (review)

03/28/42      Town Hall, NYC (concert flyer)

10/22/42      Sandusky, OH? (concert flyer)

Undated      Studio of Mrs. William Clarke Mason (program)

Undated      Carlisle Gym, Albuquerque, NM (review)

Undated      University Auditorium, Laramie, WY (review)

Undated      Idaho Falls, ID (review)

Undated      Ogden HS, Ogden, UT (review)


Mario Braggiotti


04/21/36      Mario Braggiotti and his orchestra: WOR (press release)

10/03/40      Manor Club, New Rochelle, NY (article)

11/12/44      with orchestra, conducted by Constant Lambert: Teatro Argentina, Rome (program)

03/11/45      with orchestra conducted by Igor Markevitch: Teatro della Pergola, Firenze (program)

03/31/45      with orchestra conducted by Igor Markevitch: Teatro Verdi, Firenze (program)

05/02/49      Trinity Hall, Hamilton, Bermuda (program, review)

06/04/51      Open Gate Club (program)

1951-1952      Community Concert Association (program)

02/02/53      Fremont, MI? (program)

1953-1954      Community Concert Association (program)

1954-1955      Community Concert Association (program)

04/03/55      The Art Association of Newport, Newport, RI (program)

05/19/55      Hotel Waldorf-Astoria, NYC (program)

06/17/55      Orchestra Hall, Chicago (program)

1955-1956   Community Concert Association (program)

06/15/57      Convento de San Francisco, Palma de Mallorca (program) (Box 6)

06/30/57      Teatro Recoletos, Madrid? (program)

11/21/57      High School Auditorium, Marshall, MN (program)

1957            house recital, Palm Beach, FL (article)

06/19/62      with orchestra conducted by Burt Farber: Convention Hall, Philadelphia, PA (program)

01/20/64      Jacques Fray Memorial Concert: Town Hall, NYC (program)

1964-1965    Community Concert Association (program)

10/06/65       Woman’s Club, Ridgewood, ? (article)

08/10/66       Van Alen Casino Theatre, Newport, PI (program)

05/15/68        on board the ship Michelangelo (menu / program)

07/24/68        Mario Braggiotti, with other artists Taifa Hall University College, Nairobi, Kenya (program)

10/21/68        Denver, CO? (article)

11/15/68         Buffalo, NY (article)

04/24/69         Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA (concert flyer)

06/19/69         Teatro Goldoni, Rome (program)

07/16/69         Teatro Goldoni, Rome (copy of concert advertisement)

10/16/69         Woman’s Club, Fort Wayne, IN (article)

11/06/69         Hotel America, Hartford, CT (article)

12/01/73         Pan American Union, Washington DC (articles)

01/30/75         Women’s Institute of Duluth, Duluth, MN (program, review)

04/??/75         Fine Arts Center, Lynchburg, VA (review)

04/15/75         Port Washington (flyer)

09/20/75         Braggiotti, with other artists (Salute to Mario Braggiotti): Long Lots Junior HS, Westport, CT (articles)

11/07/75         program, advertisement

03/9?/76         Coleman Hall, ? (review)

01/22/78         Great Neck Library, Great Neck, NY (program)

03/08/78          First Presbyterian Church, Darien, CT (article)

04/12/80         College of Saint Teresa, Winona, MN (program)

12/01/91         Van Pelt Auditorium, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA (program)

04/27/95         The Colony Hotel Pavilion, Palm Beach, FL (program)

Undated           Merryall (program)

Undated           Frank J. Hale’s Playhouse (program)

Undated           Teatro Pichincha (program)

Undated           Teatro Goldoni, Rome (invitation)

Undated           Argentina? (program)

Undated           Allegro Associates (program)

Undated           on board the ship Leonardo da Vinci (program)


Mario & Susan Braggiotti


08/08/86          Casino Municipale – Teatro Accademico, Bagni di Lucca (program)

Undated           Gershwin concert: Hotel Don Carlos (review)

Undated           unidentified (programs)


B. Publicity Flyers


Mario Braggiotti (8)

Susan & Mario Braggiotti (1)

Braggiotti & Chaikin (1)

Braggiotti & Shaw (1)

Fray & Braggiotti (5), 1 press book



II. Correspondence and other Files


A. Mario Braggiotti as pianist


One Man Show

Text for selected routines


Press Book

Biographical sketches, publicity flyers, articles, selected reviews, letters (testimonials to Braggiotti’s playing)


Press Book (1986-1988)

Susan & Mario Braggiotti: articles concerning concerts in France, Italy, Spain


Town Hall (Fray Memorial Concert, 1/20/64)

Program, text for Braggiotti’s spoken portion of the program


B. Musicals, songs


Born in a Crowd

Synopsis, libretto

Correspondence, article, notes, programs


Camilla (based on “Camille” by Alexandre Dumas Fils)

Libretto outline


God Rings Twice

Synopsis, notes (sketches)


Kingdom of Gifts

Correspondence concerning singer/actress Gemma Craven






Love Tree



The Princess

Synopsis, timings, articles, programs, flyers



Young Columbus

Program (Boca Raton, FL, 1992), list of musical numbers



Flyer for Braggiotti’s “Ballet of the Seasons”

The Elizabeth Seton Opera: synopsis for proposed opera

Song texts: Bless all our children, Home for Christmas, Lisa, Tango, travel agents


C. Miscellaneous files


Articles (miscellaneous and undated)



Certificates from The American National Red Cross, Centro Culturale Firenze-Europa (oversize box), The Department of Defense


Braggiotti family

Articles by and about Francesca Braggiotti, Frank Mario Braggiotti, Gloria Braggiotti, Braggiotti family



Miscellaneous letters, 1931-1992: letters between Mario / Susan Braggiotti and Allegro Associates, Bermuda Broadcasting Co., Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, Centro Culturale Firenze, Columbia Artists Bureau, Frank Hale, Kim Dawson Agency, The Living Arts and Science Center, National Freedom from Hunger Committee of Kenya, Palm Beach Polo and Country Club, Alfred Piccolo, The Schubert Club of Fairfield County, Bob Sherman, The Westport Woman’s Club


European concerts

Correspondence, 1951-1953, 1971



“Gershwin is here to stay”: article by Mario Braggiotti (Etude, February 1953)

Articles concerning Gershwin


Gettysburg Cantata

Correspondence, articles


Italian Line Show

Correspondence (1968-1969)

Texts for shows


List of Compositions

Compositions, transcriptions, arrangements (selected)

Popular songs, songs from musicals (informal list)



Including “to do” lists, notes for one man show routines, sketches and notes for musicals


Radiotelevisione Italiana

Texts to be used for three programs


You are what you eat

Unpublished cookbook, menus, hypothetical diet for celebrities

Correspondence concerning proposed book (“Artistic Taste Cookbook: From Garlic to Gershwin”)



III. Photographs



Mario Braggiotti: Studio portraits (27 photographs)


Mario Braggiotti at the piano (14 photographs)


Mario Braggiotti with others: Fray & Braggiotti, Braggiotti & Shaw, Braggiotti & Chaikin, other unidentified performers, ensembles (19 photographs)


Mario Braggiotti with others, informal snapshots: social gatherings, post-concert, etc. (16 photographs)


Mario Braggiotti in performance (11 photographs)


Billboards for Braggiotti performances (6 photographs)



IV. Scrapbooks


Box 2


A. Fray & Braggiotti


January – May, 1937


Articles, programs and reviews from:  Akron, OH / Atlanta, GA /Boston, MA / Fredericksburg, VA / Ft. Wayne, IN / Grand Rapids, MI / Jamaica, NY / Lima, OH / New Rochelle, NY / New York, NY / Pawtucket, RI / Providence, RI / Tacoma, WA / Washington DC


June, 1937 – February, 1938


Articles, programs and review from: Akron, OH / Birmingham, AL / Boston, MA / Bridgeport, CT / Buffalo, NY / Champaign, IL / Chattanooga, TN / Cincinnati, OH / Columbus, OH / Danville, IL / Davenport, IA / Dayton, OH / Denver, CO / Des Moines, IA / Evansville, IN / Galveston, TX / Houston, TX / Jackson, TN / Jamaica, NY / Knoxville, TN / Los Angeles, CA / Memphis, TN / Moline, IL / Montgomery, AL / Nashville, TN / New Bedford, MA / Newport, RI / New York, NY / Peoria, IL / Providence, RI / Pueblo, CO / Quincy, IL / Rock Island, IL / Shreveport, LA / Sioux City, IA / Sioux Falls, SD / Terre Haute, IN / Trenton, TN / Tulsa, OK / Washington, DC / Waterloo, IA / Youngstown, OH


March – June, 1938


Articles, programs and reviews from: Albany, NY / Ashville, NC / Augusta, GA / Austin, TX / Battle Creek, MI / Benton Harbor, MI / Beaumont, TX / Berkeley, CA / Beverly Hills, CA / Bloomington, IN / Charleston, WV / Charlotte, NC / Columbia, SC / Danbury, CT / Danville, IL / Daytona, FL / Durham, NC / Galveston, TX / Grand Rapids, MI / Hickory, NC / Houston, TX / Jackson, MI / Jacksonville, FL / Kansas City, MO / Long Beach, CA / Los Angeles, CA / Madison, GA / Marion, IN / Newtown, CT / New York, NY / Oklahoma City, OK / Orlando, FL / Portsmouth, OH / Quincy, IL / Redlands, CA / Santa Rosa, CA / Springfield, IL / St. Joseph, MI / St. Petersburg, FL / Tulsa, OK / Waco, TX / Winston Salem, NC


June – December, 1938


Articles, programs and reviews from: Argus, SD / Boston, MA / Canton, MS / Champaign, IL / Chicago, IL / Columbus, OH / Danville, IL / Dayton, OH / Duluth, MN / Hollywood, CA / Houston, TX / Jackson, MI / Lansing, MI / Los Angeles, CA / Mamaroneck, NY / New York, NY/ Peoria, IL / Pittsburgh, PA / Santa Barbara, CA / South Bend, IN / Sioux City, IA / Sioux Falls, SD / Topeka, KS / Washington, DC / Waterbury, CT / Worcester, MA


January – March, 1939


Articles, programs and reviews from: Baton Rouge, LA / Beaumont, TX / Bloomington, IN / Canton, OH / Chattanooga, TN / Cincinnati, OH / Cleveland, OH / Daytona, FL / Detroit, MI / Flint, MI / Jackson, MS / Jackson, TN / Knoxville, TN / Kokomo, IN / Louisville, KY / Memphis, TN / Miami, FL / Mobile, AL / New Orleans, LA / Orlando, FL / Oxford, MS / Palm Beach, FL / Pensacola, FL / Sarasota, FL / Shreveport, LA / St. Petersburg, FL / Tampa, FL / Toledo, OH


April – June, 1939


Articles, programs and reviews from: Austin, TX / Bartlesville, OK / Boston, MA / Bridgeport, CT / Cleveland, OH / Corpus Christi, TX / Dubuque, IA / Emporia, KS / Fort Wayne, IN / Lincoln, NE / Madison, WI / New York, NY / Pittsburgh, KS / Port Arthur, TX / Salina, KS / San Antonio, TX / Springfield, MO / Stillwater, OK / Topeka, KS / Wichita Falls, TX


July – October, 1939


Articles, programs and reviews from: Boise, ID / Butte, MT / Casper, WY / Denver, CO / Gouverneur, NY / Great Falls, MT / Hastings, NE / Helena, MT / Idaho Falls, ID / Laramie, WY / Malone, NY / North Platte, NE / Philadelphia, PA / Pocatello, ID / Provo, UT / Salt Lake City, UT / Seattle, WA




October, 1939 – February, 1940


Articles, programs and reviews from: Aberdeen, WA / Albuquerque, NM / Amarillo, TX / Austin, MN / Claremont, CA / El Paso, TX / Duluth, MN / Fresno, CA / Hibbing, MN /  Jackson, MI / Janesville, WI / Johnstown, PA / Kokomo, IN / La Crosse, WI / Los Angeles, CA / Louisville, KY / Manhattan, KS / Marietta, OH / New York, NY / Oakland, CA / Olympia, WA / Phoenix, AZ / Portland, OR / Riverside, CA / Sacramento, CA / Sandusky, OH / San José, CA / Santa Barbara, CA / Santa Cruz, CA / Santa Fe, NM / Sheboygan, WI / Springfield, OH / Tacoma, WA / Tucson, AZ / Wenatchee, WA


February –May, 1940


Articles, programs and reviews from: Abilene, TX / Aliquippa, PA / Boston, MA / Canajoharie, NY / Daytona Beach, FL / Dunkirk, NY / El Paso, TX / Kittanning, PA / Miami, FL / Middletown, NY / Palm Beach, FL / Pensacola, FL / Philadelphia, PA / Port Arthur, TX / Pottsville, PA / Riverhead, NY / Tampa, FL / Titusville, PA / Tucson, AZ / Warren, PA / Wilkes-Barre, PA / Woodbridge, NJ


May-Jul, 1940


Articles, programs and reviews from: Akron, OH / Boston, MA / Cleveland, OH / Philadelphia, PA


Oversize box (Box 6)


Articles and reviews from: Albany, NY / Albuquerque, NM / Alva, OK / Atlanta, GA / Bethlehem, PA / Bloomington, IN / Bridgeport, CT / Canton, OH / Chicago, IL / Cleveland, OH / Detroit, MI / El Centro, CA / Fort Wayne, IN / Fort Worth, TX / Hamilton, OH / Havana, Cuba / Hudson, NY / Jackson, MS / Joplin, MO / Lansing, MI / Macon, GA / Manitowoc, WI / Martinsburg, WV / Maryville, MO / Maysville, KY / Miami, FL / Milwaukee, WI / New Haven, CT / New Orleans, LA / New York, NY / Norman, OK / Orlando, FL / Ottumwa, IA / Penn Yan, NY / Pensacola, FL / Phoenix, AZ / Portland, OR / Poughkeepsie, NY / Providence, RI / Quincy, IL / Rochester, NY / Ruston, LA / Salina, KS / Salt Lake City, UT / Santa Barbara, CA / Seattle, WA / St. Louis, MO / Terre Haute, In / Titusville, PA / Toledo, OH / Valdosta, GA / Washington DC / Youngstown, OH / Zanesville, OH


Box 3


B. Mario Braggiotti


August – October, 1936


Articles and reviews from: Albany, NY / Buffalo, NY / Minneapolis, MN / New York, NY



November – December, 1936


Articles, reviews, programs, photographs from: Bridgeport, CT / Camden, NJ / Charlotte, NC / Cincinnati, OH / Fargo, ND / Indianapolis, IN / Louisville, KY / Newark, NJ / New Haven, CT / New York, NY / Philadelphia, PA / San Francisco, CA / Woodbridge, NJ


January, 1937


Articles, reviews, programs and photographs from: Cincinnati, OH / New York, NY / Plainfield, NJ


February – March, 1937


Articles and programs from: Boston, MA / Chicago, IL / Cincinnati, OH / Newark, NJ / New York, NY / Painesville, OH / Providence, RI / Worcester, MA


April – May, 1937


Articles and reviews from: Boston, MA / Caldwell, NJ / East Orange, NJ / New York, NY / Pittsburgh, PA


September – December, 1937


Articles, reviews, programs, photographs from: Boston, MA / East Hampton, NY / New York, NY


1942 – 1949


Programs, photographs, letters (The American Red Cross, Office of War Information, U.S. Army), collected reviews


Argentina: July, 1970


Solo performance, performance with orchestra conducted by Pedro I. Calderón: 15 photographs, articles



V. Scores


Box 4


A. Manuscripts: Musicals, songs


Born in a Crowd


Piano-conductor scores, Piano II scores, Vocal scores:  A Ghastly Ghost, Curtain Music (Act I), Ave Maria, Beppo, Easter Cantata, Grace, Finale, I Can Try,  I Want To Be, I Was Born in a Crowd, I Wish, Lily, Love Will Find the Way, My Darlings, Serenade to a Dream, Sun Song, Stornello, The Mine is Mine, Together, Vegetarian, Why Did I Have to Die?, You Belong

Miscellaneous (sketchbook)


The Kingdom of Gifts


Act I (full score)

Act II (full score)

Act III (full score)


Love Tree


Piano-conductor scores, Piano II scores: A Woman Improves with Time, Death Music, Elegy, Gigolette, Good Old Days, How to Make Love, I Found, I’m Alone, I Prefer Platonic, I Wanna Twist Your Arm, Italia, Life Goes On, Maybe I’m in Love, Mia Piccina, Napoli, Our Time is Now, Overture, Pace, Paris, Russian Dance, Time, Together, Trink, Waltz, We’re Going to Fight, You Don’t Know the Half of it Blues,

Complete score for Bass


The Princess


Various numbers: Nightmare (orchestra score), Prayer (vocal part – incomplete)

Piano-vocal scores: music for Acts I, II & III

Piano solo reductions: Act II (scenes 1 and 2), Act III (Scenes 1-4, conclusion)

Two Piano score: incomplete

Sketchbook: piano


Young Columbus


Complete score (piano-vocal, piano II, string bass parts)

Complete script


Miscellaneous songs


Bless all our children, Cicciolina


B.  Manuscripts: Original Compositions, Arrangements, Concert Fantasies, Sketches


1.  Classical / Semi-Classical


Albéniz, Isaac

Navarra: revision and completion for piano solo


Bach, C.P.E.

Concerto in F Major for Two Pianos (1st movement): Piano I and Piano II parts with orchestral cues


Bach, J.S.

Prelude in C minor (WTC I): sketch for an obligato (incomplete)

Fugue in E minor (WTC I): Left Hand part


Bach, W.F.

Organ Concert (Prelude), for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II parts



Beethoven, Ludwig van

Adieu to the Piano, for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II parts

Moonlight Sonata, for two pianos: Piano I score (movements I and II), incomplete Piano II part (movement I)


Bizet, Georges

Variations on Habañera (Menuet, Valse, Blues), for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II parts


Boccherini, Luigi

Menuet: Piano II part (?)


Braggiotti, Mario

The Gettysburg Cantata: score

Songs: Christmas Eve, I don’t know, Italian Line Song, Joy, Magari, Song to the Travel Agents, Summer Love, That’s love, Where have you been so long


Brahms, Johannes

Hungarian Dance No. 5: Piano II part (?)


Chopin, Frédéric

Chopiniana: sketch for two pianos

Prelude in A Major: sketch for a second piano (?)

Prelude in C minor, transposed to C-sharp minor, for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II parts


Daquin, Claude

Le Coucou, for two pianos: Piano I score, with cues


Debussy, Claude

Golliwog’s CakeWalk, for two pianos: Piano I and Ii score, Piano II part

La Cathedrale engloutie, for two pianos: Piano I and II score, Piano II part

La fille aux chevaux de lin, for two pianos: Piano I

L’après-midi d’un faune, for two pianos (?): Piano I (?) part with cues

L’Isle joyeuse, for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II parts


Frescobaldi, Girolamo

Corrente, for two pianos: Piano I and II score, Piano II part


Gershwin, George

Porgy and Bess Suite, for two pianos: Piano I and II score


Grieg, Edvard

Anitra’s Dance: Piano II score (?)

Concerto in A minor, for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II scores

Ich liebe dich, for piano solo



Lecuona, Ernesto

Malagueña, for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II parts with cues


Lehár, Franz

Merry Widow Waltz (Fantasy), for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II parts


Levitzki, Mischa

Valse in A Major: Piano II (?) part


Liszt, Franz

Liebestraüm: sketch and piano part (piano and orchestra?)


Loeillet, J.B.

Gigue, for two pianos: Piano I and II score, piano I and II parts


Massenet, Jules

Méditation de Thaïs, for two pianos (?): sketch

Rêve de Manon: sketch


Mendelssohn, Felix

Spring Song: sketch


Moussorgsky, Modest

Duo from Boris Godounov: sketch


Mozart, W.A.

Turkish March, for two pianos: Piano I and II score


Offenbach, Jacques

Barcarolle from Tales of Hoffman: sketch


Pinto, Octavio

Scenas Infantis (“Run, Run”), for two pianos (?): sketch for one of the piano parts


Puccini, Giacomo

La Bohème, for soprano, male chorus and two pianos: Piano I and II score, chorus score


Purcell, Henry

Almand, for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II parts


Rachmaninoff, Sergei

Concerto No. 2, excerpts: sketch of Piano II part

Prelude in C-sharp minor, for two pianos: Piano I and II score


Ravel, Maurice

Bolero, for two pianos: Piano I and II score (incomplete)

Bolero, for four pianos: one part

Daphnis et Chloé, for two pianos (?): Piano I and Piano II parts

Pavane pour une infant défunte, for two pianos: Piano I and Pianos II parts


Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicholas

The Flight of the Bumble-Bee, for two pianos: Piano II part with cues

Hymn to the Sun: sketch


Schubert, Franz

Ave Maria, for two pianos: sketch of first four bars


Scott, Cyril

Lento: sketch

Lotus Land, for two pianos: Piano I and II score, Piano II part


Sibelius, Jean

Valse triste: sketches


Stravinsky, Igor

Berceuse  / Finale de l’Oiseau de Feu, for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II parts with cues

Petrouchka, for two pianos (?): Piano I and Piano II parts


Tschaikowsky, P.I.

Piano Concerto No. 1 (1st movement), for two pianos and orchestra: Piano I and Piano II parts with cues


Wagner, Richard

Filles Fleurs, from Parsifal, for two pianos: Piano I and II score (incomplete)

Fire Music, for two pianos: Piano I and II score

Liebestod, for piano solo

Liebestod, for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II parts with cues

Love Duet from Tristan & Isolde, for two pianos: Piano I and Piano II parts

The Ride of the Valkyries, for two pianos: Piano I and II score (incomplete)


2. Popular / Folk Tunes


Folk Tunes, Anthems, various songs

Frère Jacques, for two pianos: Piano I and II score (incomplete)

Home Sweet Home (Variations a la Stokowski): sketches

Kangourous: sketch

Little grey home in the west: sketch

O Mari: sketch

O Sole Mio, for two pianos: Piano I and II score, Piano II part

Star Spangled Banner, for two pianos: Piano II part

Stars and Stripes Forever: sketches

Sylvia, for two pianos (?): Piano I and Piano II parts

Valse Luxembourg, for two pianos (?): Piano I and Piano II parts

Wintergreen for President, for two pianos (?): Piano I and Piano II parts

Yankee Doodle Boogei: sketch


International Love Songs

France (Chanson d’Auvergne, Parlez-moi d’Amour), for piano solo

Ireland and Scotland (Danny Boy, Annie Laurie), for piano solo

Italy (Torna Sorrento), for piano solo

Latin America (Besame mucho, Amor Amor!), for piano solo

Lily Marlene – Wien-Wien, for piano solo

Tango, for piano solo


Original (?)

A Trip Through Manhattan: sketches

Dinah Specialty: piano solo (?)

Flamenco, for two pianos: Piano I and II score

Impressions of a Music Publishing House (sketch)

Miniature opera on “Pop goes the weasel”, for two pianos (?): Piano I and Piano II parts

Smiles: sketch

Some of these days: sketch

Three Little Pigs (à la Sousa, Berlin, Gershwin, Porter): sketches

Trip through Manhattan: sketches

Trip through Paris: sketches

Trip through Spain: sketches

Why (tap dance): sketch

Zoo Specialty (The Horse, Camel, Cat, Nightingale): sketches


Popular / Show Tunes

Donaldson / Kahn: Yes Sir, that’s my Baby (sketches)

Gershwin: Foggy Day (sketch), I got rhythm (sketch),Love walked in (sketches), Mine (sketches) Nice work if you can get it (sketch), Someone to watch over me / Strike up the band (sketch), Someone to watch over me / Swanee (sketch, solo piano) , Tea for Two specialty (sketch), They all laughed (sketch), They can’t take that away from me (sketch), Who cares (sketch)

Kern: Can’t help lovin’ dat man / Make believe (sketches), Make Believe (Piano II part?)

Porter: What is this thing called love? (piano solo)

Rose, Eliscu, Youmans: More than you know, for two pianos (fist page of two piano score)

Silver / Cohn: Yes we have no bananas: sketch


C. Published Scores


Bach, J.S.

6 Preludes and Fugues for organ (Vol. 1: Nos. 1-3), transcribed by Liszt (Peters): fingerings and other annotations added


Bach, W.F.

Organ Concerto, arranged for two pianos (Edition Breitkopf): small number of annotations added


Braggiotti, Mario

Deux Chorals et Quatre Préludes (Braggiotti)


Chabrier, Emmanuel

España, transcribed for two pianos by Chabrier (Enoch): extensive rewriting added to the score


Gershwin, George

Rhapsody in Blue, full score (Harms): various annotations added


Schubert, Franz

Erlkönig (Schirmer): annotations


Scott, Cyril

Lento (Boosey & Co.): annotations added



VI. Audio-Visual


Compact Discs


Remebering Mario: piano solo and duo-piano arrangements by Mario Braggiotti (Mario & Susan Braggiotti, pianists)

Yankee Doodle: Variations in the styles of various composers, by Mario Braggiotti (Susan & Mario Braggiotti, duo-pianists)


LP / 78 RPM Discs


Mario Braggiotti’s Salute to Travel Agents: two-sided LP (7”)

Marta, Let’s Walk in the Garden: two-sided 78RPM transcription disc (10”)


Cassette Tapes


Fray & Braggiotti: radio broadcasts

Gershwin (duo-piano arrangements by Mario Braggiotti): An American in Paris, Suite from Porgy and Bess, Concerto in F (Susan & Mario Braggiotti, duo-pianists)

Home for Christmas (1994)

International  Love Music (Mario Braggiotti, solo piano)

Kingdom of Gifts (2 tapes)

Lisa (1974): Susan Braggiotti, vocals / Mario Braggiotti, piano

Lisa: group vocal and piano (2 tapes)

Lisa: excerpts

Lisa: flute, clarinet, bass and vocals (2 tapes)

Lisa: piano accompaniment only

Listening Room (WQXR. 9/5/90): Bob Sherman and Mario Braggiotti

Magari (1985): Susan Braggiotti, vocal / Mario Braggiotti, piano

Music is Fun (4/29/90): Mario Braggiotti at Stone Manse

Navarra (Albéniz), Liebestod (Wagner): arrangements by Mario Braggiotti

The Princess: (Acts?) 1 & 2

Yankee Doodle: theme with variations in the styles of various composers

Young Columbus (1992): demo , 2 tapes


Reel Tapes (7”)


Born in a Crowd

Ensemble Musical de Buenos Aires con el Maestro Pedro I. Calderon y el pianist Mario Braggiotti (Teatro Coliseo, 7/7/70): 2 tapes

I Danced with a Tree / Love Tree (September, 1983): Patricia Bellamy and Gary Briggle – soloists

I Danced with a Tree / Love Tree (November, 1983): demo

Lisa (Musical Fantasy): excerpts

The Love Tree (October, 1984): Barone / Smith, 2 tapes

The Princess

Radio Murcia Concert (Spain)

Rapsodia en azul (Rhapsody in Blue) / Seis Caricatures sobre el Tema “Yankee Doodle”

Recital: Instituto de Cultura Italiana (7/13/70)


Reel Tapes (10.5”)


An American in Paris / Porgy & Bess (Susan & Mario Braggiotti)

Lisa (A Musical Fantasy): Me Without a Dream, Modern Times, Storyland, Just be Yourself, My Pop Says, Lisa, Dirge for Cricket, Be a Little Different, Fantasy Fluid, Me Without a Dream (reprise)

Yankee Doodle (Susan & Mario Braggiotti): Theme, Bach, Mozart, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Puccini, Strauss, Stravinsky, Scarlatti, Beethoven, Chopin Debussy, DeFalla, Gershwin, Schubert, Menotti

Yankee Doodle (Susan & Mario Braggiotti): Schubert, Menotti / The Man I Love

Yankee Doodle (Susan & Mario Braggiotti): Gershwin


VHS Tapes


Mario Braggiotti at Stone Manse (4/29/90)

Music is Fun (Braggiotti)















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